Biralo - Pendentif Obsidienne
Biralo - Pendentif Obsidienne
Biralo - Pendentif Obsidienne
Biralo - Pendentif Obsidienne

Biralo - Obsidian pendant

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Bonth Bed Carrier in Obsidian - Prosperity Cat

Celebrate it prosperity and feline elegance with our Biralo pendant in Obsidian "Prosperity Cat". This exquisite jewel captures the graceful silhouette of a cat raising its two legs in the air, skillfully holding a Chinese symbol of prosperity in its paw. Carved with meticulousness in the powerful obsidian, this pendant embodies the fusion between delicate art and deep meaning.

  • Obsidian, protective stone : Obsidian stone, black and lustrous, is renowned for its protective properties. It offers powerful energy while adding a mystical touch to the pendant.
  • Symbol of prosperity : The hand of the cat holding the Chinese symbol of prosperity, renowned for attracting luck and success, creates a symbolic representation of good fortune and growth.
  • Cat's playful pose : The delicate pose of the cat, raising the two legs in the air, adds a playful touch to the pendant, emphasizing the joyful aspect of prosperity.
  • Adjustable cord for a comfortable port : The pendant is suspended from an adjustable cord, offering a comfortable port for all jewelry lovers. The obsidian rests elegantly against the skin, creating a striking contrast.


Auspicious gift

Each detail of this pendant has been carefully thought out to transmit a deep meaning. Whether you are looking to attract prosperity in your life or to offer a gift with happiness to a loved one, this obsidian pendant offers a connection between feline elegance and spiritual richness.

Offer this pendant in obsidian "prosperity cat" as a gift loaded with meaning to those who are dear to you. Whether for a special occasion or simply to transmit your wishes of happiness, this jewel represents a significant and timeless treasure.


Characteristics of the Biralo pendant

Model Biralo pendant
Matter Cord
Natural stone Obsidian
Dimensions (approximately) 31 x 22 x 7 mm
Chain Cord included
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