MEO Bracelet Silver

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Lucky Cat Bracelet Silver Massif

MEOIt's a beautiful one Double Mesh Bracelet: Venice and BallThere is a lucky cat's head hanging on this bracelet silver Huge! There is a bell inside the cat.

Cats represent the famous lucky cats Maneki NekoIn Japanese, Maneku It means "invitation" and internal medicine Cat: Inviting CatsThis cat attracts wealth and opportunity For those who possess it.


Match the Meo necklace

You can combine this necklace with Mei Necklace !


Lucky Jewelry

As for Chinese tradition, cats are symbols of longevity, peace, and wealth. As a protector, he also drives away evil souls.

Maneki neko Cat Lucky Talisman

Next to the cat is another pendant engraved with traditional Chinese vows luck, fromhappiness, fromprosperous andlife ; This makes him the true lucky talisman of the wearer!


The characteristics of the Mei bracelet

model Mei Bracelet
material Solid silver 925
Approximately centimeters in length 16+3 cm
Mesh Venetians and the Ball
buckle Spring ring
Weight approximately 5 grams
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