Small Buddha Dhyana Mudra - Figurine 7.5 cm

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Buddha Dhyanā mudrā

There figurine of Buddha represented in positionDHYANā-Mudrā brought serenity And appeasement. Indeed, DHYANā is a powerful mudrā which facilitates and promotes mediation and opens the body and mind to higher energy.

Made by hand, this figurine will bring a touch of Zen decoration and Feng Shui in your home!


Several models available



  1. Little Buddha Thinker
  2. Buddha Dhyanā mudrā
  3. Small Buddha Prayer
  4. Buddha Varada mudrā
  5. Small Buddha Meditation


Characteristics of the little Buddha figurine Dhyanā mudrā

Model Buddha Dhyanā mudrā - Figurine
Matter Ceramics and email
About dimensions (L x H cm) 4.2 x 7.5 cm
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