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The timeless rush

The bracelet is a jewel that is easily worn both in women and men and children. The rod is a closed or rigid open bracelet, with a fixed or adjustable diameter.

It can be carried alone or accompanied by several other types of bracelets or rushes to imitate the timeless weekly, trend for many generations. Combining discretion and elegance, the rush can be worn with a relaxed, work or evening outfit.

You will understand: the rush in silver In the classic style, contemporary or ethnic, is the jewelry par excellence to have to wear hand to be adorned for any occasion!

The experience TERRE DE SIAM

Terre de Siam is a company fascinated by the creation of ethnic jewelry and authentic decoration objects during several trips to the Asian continent, the team of Terre de Siam decide to highlight them on their site. We work live with our partner craftsmen, while continuing to meet other creators to expand our different product ranges.

Sensitive and convinced by the benefits and properties of stones and minerals, we will soon offer jewelry with therapeutic powers.

Each creation is made entirely by hand by local craftsmen, respecting the ancestral codes; Which makes it unique and gives it more value. In addition, favoring ethnic jewelry is also contributing to the sustainable developments of countries, the majority of which are under the threshold of poverty.

Offering yourself an authentic play shaped by a local craftsman or a tribe living in the remote corners of the end of the world, is also to get to know a civilization and a religion entirely different from his, while traveling spiritually.

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