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Who are we ?

Terre de Siam, Jewelry shop and ethnic objects from Southeast Asia

Originally from Laos and Vietnam, I made several trips to these countries and the neighboring countries to visit my family, visit, explore, discover ...

Among my many trips, I was fascinated by local craftsmen, their ways of manipulating wood to create furniture, to shape jewelry, leather, or their painting techniques.

Each object and handmade jewel are unique by their manufacture without any molding, to the techniques transmitted from generation to generation. Each piece then carries the only imprint of the person who made it. The so -called religious jewelry is made in total respect for Buddhist traditions.

With my family, we wanted to promote the crafts and culture of these Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, China or even Indonesia craftsmen in order to encourage fair and ethnic trade.

Asian decoration and jewelry in silver Most of the world are increasingly popular worldwide with the arrival of Feng-Shui or other practices from Asia. So why not bring and highlight some unique creations shaped to the other end of the world? And here's how the online store was bornTerre de Siam

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