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Gautama golden Buddha - LED Feng Shui Fountain

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Fountain Feng Shui Buddha Gautama Golden

There Feng Shui fountain brought calme And serenity in your house, by the soothing noise of moving water, which attracts thepositive energy

She attracts chance, richness And health, installed in the east or southeast.

It promotes your career or the success of your business, placed to the north.

The Buddha Gautama gilded represented in positionDHYANā-Mudrā brought serenity And appeasement. Indeed, the dyhanā is a powerful mudrā which facilitates and promotes mediation and opens the body and the mind to a higher energy.


Feng shui: water energy

Water energy in Feng Shui is presented in two states: moving water and motionless water.

Water in motion represents richness and improves social relationships. It contributes to the development of personal friendships and to the establishment of fruitful professional contacts. Yang water energy is associated with health, there vitality and theplenty.  

As for motionless water, it has soothing effects. It brings peace and serenity but also wisdom and knowledge, and has power to accumulate it and maintain wealth.

Please note: dirty and muddy standing water will create negative energy, with confusion, unnecessary complications and questionable transactions.


Characteristics of the feng shui Buddha fountain Gautama Golden

Model Buddha Gautama Golden - LED Feng Shui Fountain
Matter Resin
About dimensions (L x H cm) 22 x 28 cm
Tension Had 220V; US 110V (depending on option)
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