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Set 2 Panneaux Muraux Anges Gardiens Bouddhistes Brun - 120 cm
Set 2 Panneaux Muraux Anges Gardiens Bouddhistes Brun - 120 cm

Set 2 wall panels angels guardian Buddhist brown - 120 cm

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Authentic wall decoration: recycled teak wood panels handcrafted by craftsmen from Chiang Mai, Thailand

These recycled teak wood panels are unique artistic pieces that captivate the spirit of the Thai culture. Each panel, measuring 35 cm in length by 120 cm high, is a work of art meticulously designed by local craftsmen from Chiang Mai.

Details Artistic : The panels represent with grace dancers And musicians traditional Thai. The musician playing the "Sueng" is standing in balance on the dancer's hands below him, creating a dynamic and expressive scene. Exquisite details capture the fluidity of movements and the beauty of traditional Thai music.

Openwork relief : The panels are decorated with openwork vegetation that frames the characters, adding an additional dimension to the work. This delicately cut vegetation creates a play of light and shade, adding relief and depth to the panels.

Mirror reflection : These panels are designed as a mirror reflection from each other, creating perfect symmetry. This allows them to have them in a balanced way in any space, whether in a living room, a bedroom, or any other place of life.

Traditional craftsmanship : Each panel is handcrafted by talented craftsmen from Chiang Mai who inherited skills transmitted from generation to generation. The recycled teak wood used in the creation of these panels adds an ecological dimension to their artistic beauty.


Craft and traditional manufacturing

The wall panels are shaped, sculpted and painted by hand by craftsmen from Chiang Mai in Thailand. Each part requires many hours of manual work.

For any order, you directly support the creative craftsmen of the tribes of the hills of northern Thailand.

These wall decorations are made from wood from Recycled teak, noble and precious exotic wood, robust and durable, known for its quality and its properties. 

Each room is unique And will dress your interior with elegance and singularity!


Note: Being fully sculpted and painted articles in an artisanal way, slight differences can occur in the appearance of each single piece, with a difference of more or less 1-2 cm in the given dimensions. 


Characteristics of the set of 2 wall panels Angels Guardian Buddhist Brown - 120 cm

Model Set 2 wall panels angels guardian Buddhist brown -120 cm
Material Recycled teak wood
Dimensions (approximately) 35.5 x 122 x 2.5 cm
Composition Two panels
Color Brown wood
Weight 5 kg / part
Interview Clean with a clean and dry cloth
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