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Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent
Ayano - Bague Argent

Ayano - Ring Silver

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Adjustable ethnic ring in Silver

Ayano is a ring in silver massive in ethnic design with the Heart Sutra, where the Sutra of the heart of the perfection of wisdom, engraved inside. Outside is engraved the symbolism Lotus flower

With its adjustable size, the Ayano ring can go on any finger with your hand! 


Heart Sutra: Meaning


THE Heart Sutra is a text very often recited by Buddhist monks. It is surely the best known Buddhist text and one of the most important. 

It is called thus because it contains the heart of teaching the Prajnaparamita, set of texts whose main theme is the Perfection of wisdom.


Lotus meaning and symbol 

Fleur-de-Lotus-au Soleil-Levant

For many years, the lotus has always been a divine symbol In Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It symbolizes divine beauty, the purity of the body, the word and the mind, since it floats and flourishes above the marshy and muddy waters of attachment and desire. 

The particularity of the lotus is that the seed and the flower appear together. The symbolism of lotus in Buddhism is also the simultaneity of the cause (the seed) and the effect (the flower) in the law of causality of the universe, which is one of the major concepts of Buddhist philosophy. 

The lotus draws its vital substance from the mud and then flourish above the water. The mud represents suffering, disorders, desires, which are the very soil of our development. It is therefore possible to transform your karma through illumination, the damage of Buddheity, thanks to our awakening to the causal law.


Characteristics of the Ayano ring

Model Ayano ring
Matter Solid silver 999
Size Adjustable
Width (approximately) 10 mm
Weight (approximately) 7 g
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