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Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent
Kavita - Bague Argent

Kavita - Ring Silver

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Ring in Silver Massif with rotary ring - Tibetan mantra of serenity

There Kavita ring in silver massive offers a unique touch experience with its rotary ring, which carries the spiritual weight of the famous Tibetan mantra. The combination of the elegance of thesilver and the deep meaning of this mantra creates a jewel that goes beyond aesthetics to bring a touch of serenity and spirituality at every moment.

Inside the ring is the famous poem of Huinen, the sixth Patriarch of Chan in China (Mahāyāna Buddhism):

菩提本 無 樹 , 亦 非 台 台
本來 無 一 物 何 處 惹塵埃 惹塵埃

Awakening is not a tree,
The spiritual mirror has nothing to do with a support.
Since there is nothing to do with it,
Where do you want him to join dust?

Bodhi Originally has no tree.
The Bright Mirror also has no stand.
Fundamentally there is not a single thing.
Where Could Dust Arise?

This poem is an invitation to contemplation and at the meditation. He invites us to look beyond appearances and to see reality as it is, in its emptiness and its perfection. This translation emphasizes the notion of start, or creation. She suggests that reality has not been created, and that it is therefore empty of any permanent substance.


Daily spiritual experience

The central element of this ring is its rotary ring, precision engraved with the Tibetan mantra. The possibility of rotating the ring while meditating on the mantra creates a tangible link with inner serenity, making this piece a constant recall of spiritual values ​​in daily life.

The poem engraved inside the ring, attributed to the mysterious Huinen, is a source of wisdom and of reflection. His verses, loaded with deep meanings, become an integral part of the experience of wearing this ring.

Each rotation of the ring can become a silent meditation, bringing calm and clarity to the one who wears it.


High quality spiritual gift - ideal couple

Made in silver Superior quality, this ring offers refined aesthetics and exceptional sustainability. The polished finish highlights the natural sparkle of thesilver, creating a striking contrast with the engraved details.

The Kavita ring is a spiritual and thoughtful gift for those looking for inner peace. Whether for a special celebration or simply to testify to a caring thought, this ring becomes a symbol of well-being.

In addition to its spiritual meaning, this ring has an elegant and minimalist style. Its sleek design makes it a versatile accessory, adapting both to relaxed occasions and at more formal moments.

The ring exists in two models : 6 mm or 10 mm wide. Which makes it an ideal ring for couple, or anyone close to a parent, a brother or a sister, his best friend, etc.


Buddhist mantra OM Mani Padme Hum

The popular mantra of the six syllables of the compassion bodhisattva is engraved on the ring. 

Famous ancient incantation from Tibetan Buddhism, the mantra OM Mani Padme Hum has the effect of invoking the kindness And the power of Avalokitesvara (or Chenrezig, or Guanyin), a very well known deity in Tibet. 

This mantra is also known as that of Large compassion. Pronounced aloud or internally, it makes it possible to draw from the wisdom and purity of Buddha in order to apply them. 


Characteristics of the Kavita Ring

Model Kavita ring
Matter Solid silver 925
Size from 5 to 13
Width (depending on option) 6 mm or 10 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Weight (approximately) - 6 mm, size 8: 5.9 g
- 10 mm, size 8: 9.5 g


Ring sizes correspondence table

Perimeter (mm) Diameter (mm) US Uk OF
48 15.27 4.5 I 1/2 15 1/4
49 15.70 5 J 1/2 15 3/4
51 16.10 5.5 L 16
52 16.51 6 M 16 1/2
53 16.92 6.5 NOT 17
55 17.35 7 O 17 1/4
56 17.75 7.5 P 17 3/4
57 18.19 8 Q 18
58 18.53 8.5 Q 1/2 18 1/2
59 18.89 9 R 1/2 19
61 19.41 9.5 S 1/2 19 1/2
62 19.84 10 T 1/2 20
63 20.20 10.5 U 1/2 20 1/4
65 20.68 11 V 1/2 20 3/4
66 21.08 11.5 W 1/2 21
68 21.49 12 Y 21 1/4
69 21.89 12.5 Z 21 3/4
70 22.33 13 ... 22


How to find the right ring size

  • Take one of your rings that suits you well. Measure the interior diameter of the ring and read your corresponding size in the table above. 
  • You don't have a ring that suits you well? Follow the steps below: 
  1. Prepare a roller and a string or a strip of paper.
  2. Measure the circumference of the finger that will wear the ring by wrapping the string/strip of paper around it and marking the place where the string is found.
  3. Unroll the string/strip of paper on a rule to obtain the size of the ring.

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