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Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent
Nok - Bague Argent

Nok - Ring Silver

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Ring in Silver Massif - Majestic symbol of Phoenix

Let yourself be transported to the mythical world of Phoenix with our Nok open ring in silver massive, a majestic piece that embodies the resilience, there Renaissance and the beauty eternal legendary bird of Fire.


Symbolic gift

This ring is a tribute to the grace and power of the Phoenix. Whether it is as a symbol of your own resilience or as a gift to inspire someone else, this striking piece carries in it a deep meaning.

Offer this rush bracelet in silver Massif in the form of Phoenix to someone special to celebrate their transformation course. It is a gift that transcends time, offering the one who carries it a piece of symbolic and significant elegance.


Available matching bracelet

Wear the Nok ring with its matching bracelet: Nok Bank Bracelet Silver.


The Phoenix, the mythological fire bird

The Phoenix, an emblematic figure in Asian culture, embodies deep and timeless meanings. Often associated with Chinese mythology, this majestic bird symbolizes the Renaissance, there regeneration and theimmortality.

The story of the Phoenix tells that he can fly to heaven, burn in a purifying fire, then be reborn from his ashes with renewed beauty. This symbolic process has been interpreted as a powerful metaphor for life cycles, transformation personal, and the ability to overcome the tests.

Phoenix is ​​also considered a messenger of happiness and some chance, bringing with him the promise of new opportunities and renewal. His presence in the Asian imagination illustrates cultural fascination for resilience, inner strength, and belief in the continuity of life despite the challenges.

Thus, the Phoenix remains a captivating symbol which transcends the borders of time and inspires entire generations by its deep meaning.


Characteristics of the Nok ring 

Model Nok ring
Matter Solid silver
Size Adjustable
Height (approximately) 13 mm
Weight (approximately) 3.5 g
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